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Samir Trabelsi

Samir Trabelsi

Samir Trabelsi is a Professor of Accounting and Governance at the Goodman School of Business. Professor Trabelsi began teaching at Goodman School of Business in 2004. He holds a PhD in Accounting from HEC Montreal and a CPA designation. He has taught courses in corporate governance, external reporting, and research methodology. Prior to his academic career, Trabelsi practiced public accounting at KPMG Tunisia. Trabelsi’s research interests are in the area of corporate governance, sustainability, Corruption, and risk management. Trabelsi’s research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He won the best paper award at several conferences. He has also been the recipient of Brock University Award for Excellence in Teaching (2017) and the Departmental Researcher of the Year Award (2019).

As the founding director of the CPA (formerly CGA) Ontario Research Excellence Centre and even prior to its establishment, Dr. Trabelsi has organized many international conferences, globally as well as on the Brock University campus. These events have brought together academics and practitioners from across the province, Canada and internationally. Trabelsi He has been invited to give talks and keynote lectures in many prestigious international meetings and webinars including the Covid-19: Good Crisis for Governance or a Crisis in Governance, Boards in the aftermath of coronavirus, andTransparency & Governance Deficit in Tunisia: A Post-Covid-19 Pathway.

Research Area

Dr. Trabelsi, has been awarded three major external grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Canada’s most prestigious and competitive granting agency):

SSHRC Insight Grant “The economic consequences of greenwashing” 2018/2022. 83, 262.00, Collaborators (S. El Ghoul, University of Alberta; N. Waweru, York University).

SSHRC Standard Research Grant “Mutual Fund Governance, Fees, and Performance: Evidence from USA, Canada, and China” – 2010/2014. $65,000 (Collaborators – J. Callen, University of Toronto and L. He, Brock University)

SSHRC Internal Opportunities Funds “Accounting Information, Corporate Governance, and Bankruptcy Prediction”, 2009/2012. $58,000. (Collaborators: P. Dumontier, Grenoble University; L. HE, BrockUniversity)


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