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Monia Saadaoui

Monia Saadaoui: Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

  • Coordination of the implementation of the IMF and AMF programs concluded by Tunisia.
  • Reserve Assets Management.
  • External Financing Strategies.

A. Professional Experience

Since end of 2014: Designated by the Tunisian Authorities as Advisor to executive Director at the IMF Board.
Since 2011: Managing Director, Head of the External Finance Department

  • Management of Assets in foreign currencies held by the Central Bank of Tunisia.
  • Implementation of the external financing strategies of the Government and public entities
    through the international market (Bond Issuances (Samurai, Yankee, Euro issues) , private placement, project financing ……),
  • Management of the domestic   foreign exchange market.
  • Management of the external payments on behalf of the Government, management of credit facilities concluded by Tunisia with bilateral and multilateral donors (AFD, KFW, JICA, World Bank, Investment European Bank, African Development Bank... ).
  • Coordination of the relationship of the Central Bank of Tunisia with international banks as correspondents and counterparties.
  • Coordination of the rating process of the Tunisian sovereign risk with Moody's / Standard and Poor’s -USA-, Fitch -Europe- and  R&I -Japan- )

1986: Joined the Central Bank of Tunisia

B. Education

1986: DEA Economy - University of Tunis

C. Languages

Arabic, French and English


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